Health IT Consulting

Stephanie L. Ferguson & Associates is well known for global health IT consulting:

Website Development

We develop modern, effective websites that reach your desired audience. Services include search engine optimization and conversion.

Social Media

We help organizations expand their brand through tailored social media strategies.

Survey and Application Processing

We optimize and automate grant and application processing via powerful web-based survey and data collection methods.

eLearning Infrastructure and Courses

We develop e-courses in management and leadership, resource management, team project planning and management.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We help organizations leverage collected data to improve outcomes and reduce IT staff.

Application Development

We develop custom web-based applications to automate and optimize business processes and improve data collection and integration.

Team Project Planning, Management and Evaluation

We develop team project plans, budgets, implementation, monitoring and evaluation reports. We can also help with funding and grant applications.

Implementation of Enterprise BI Platform Yurbi

We provide turnkey implementation of Yurbi, the affordable enterprise BI platform.

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